GF-07 Installation

Method of use:

  1. Insert working SIM card and mini memory card into the tracker, The product will start automatically and the red light will blink 4 times or for 30 seconds and turn off. This means the product is ready for use .If the red light doesn't turn off, it means either you have low battery then charge the device or the SIM card is not compatible or not installed properly.
  2. Activate the device for the first time by sending an SMS command "FACTORY#" from your mobile phone.
  3. Not getting any reply from GPS or not able to call GPS Number: This could be due to an APN issue. first send command FACTORY# to device and after waiting for few minutes set the APN in the device, by  sending an SMS command of your network provider from below table to the GPS tracker number. 

                       For Airtel  : APN,
                       For Vodafone : APN, www#

     4.To use the different functions of the GPS tracker, send the respective SMS commands to the GPS tracker from your mobile phone. You can also refer to the video provided for easy understanding.

Binds a master number to the GPS which you will use to monitor GPS
555 Starts voice recording on the GPS 
666 Sets up sound monitoring and alarm callback, which will call the binded master phone number when the nearby sound goes above 40 dB
777 Sends a Google Maps link of GPRS location
Dial GPS locator card number Enables user to hear nearby sounds
445 Deletes the content of the memory card
888 Checks the status of the GPS device, including battery capacity, signal strength, frequency startup, GPRS TF card capacity, and whether all features are on or off
999 Restarts the GPS device
444 Resets the GPS device and cancel all tasks
FACTORY# Factory Resets the GPS device